Kilometres For Kindness

By Mark Bringolf

I'm doing something sporty to support Mission Australia!

Homelessness isn’t just old men sleeping rough in parks, it affects 105,000 people across the country every single night. Solving homelessness isn’t just about building more homes either. Australians desperately need our support. Nielsen Global Impact Day on 21st June gets all of the Nielsen offices worldwide to support their charity of choice & ours is Mission Australia. 

So get behind a great cause & help me make an impact on someones life & not just on the pavement!

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Wendi Neilson

Sporty support - love it.... don't wear your Wannabie shirt - will slow ewe down. Enjoy the cold beverage after the walk and remember "be careful" on those roads!


Charles Huntington

Good luck fella!


Kate Blakeley

Well done Mark! You are always have such a generous heart and this reiterates that even more. Such an important cause as well


Kirst + Ml

Make sure you wear appropriate undercarriage support, Herbie.


Rob Carruthers

Great cause Mark, good luck with the fundraising


Iain Rydon

Nice work mate, great cause.


Ashley Minchin

Fantastic mate....great to see you getting behind it. We all need to do more.


Astrid Sampson

good on you marvin....good luck!! x


Scott Kennan

Good on you Mark. Hope you achieve your goal.


Lina Lee

Good work Mark! "You shall love your neighbour as yourself"


Andrew Every

Good on you mate!


Mark Bringolf