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Long Course Builds Quite A Thirst

A Long Course Builds Quite A Thirst

Homelessness isn’t just old men sleeping rough in parks, it affects 105,000 men, women and children across the country every single night. Solving homelessness isn’t just about building more homes either.

Australians desperately need our support. Nielsen Global Impact Day on 21st June gets all of the Nielsen offices worldwide to support their charity of choice & the charity we have chosen to support is Mission Australia

So on June 21st, I'll be walking up and down and all over Sydney - or 15,000 metres to be precise... and if you thought to yourself -"Ha! I'd pay to see that!"... then help me raise money - for the homeless -  and please make a donation on my fundraising page.

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Rebecca Qorraj

Don’t forget to stretch!


Jane Shields


The Mcstimpson's

Yay you! Xx


Claire Gordon

I’m a sucker for a good cause and champion people who support the cause!


Alison De Beaujeu

Onya Sonya! Such a worthy cause. Xx


Kelly Hartigan

Go you good thing! I’m happy to support a good cause. And to see you complete this challenge!


Jason Yee


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