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Suzanne Prendergast

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Why am I raising funds?

I work for Mission Australia as a Residential Care Worker (a carer) and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander chidren in care. We do our best to prepare our young people for independence but unfortunately foster children transitioning to independence are more likely to experience homelessness than their peers. I was able to remain living at home until 21 and even when I did leave I did so knowing I had the ability to return if necessary. These oppotunities don't always exsist for teenagers leaving care. Often children in care are disconnected from family and community and lack strong social networks.

Services like Missionbeat provide people with support and can make the world of difference to people experiencing homelessnes so while I can't control what happens to the young people after they leave our care, I can support the services they may one day rely on for support.

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser.


Together we Trek!

I have created this page because I want to make a difference! I have signed up for Mission Australia’s Together we Trek: Larapinta 2018 challenge and I need your help. Every dollar you donate will go directly towards launching a new Missionbeat service to support young people in the NT.

Missionbeat is a mobile outreach service that seeks to help people who may be experiencing homelessness or are in need of assistance. Outreach staff aim to meet people’s immediate needs, providing food, clothing, medical care and safe accommodation where possible, or blankets and swags as a last resort.

Missionbeat services also work in close collaboration with other organisations to help break the cycle of homelessness for individuals and families. By donating to my Larapinta trek, you’ll play a vital role in launching urgently needed Missionbeat services in the NT. Thank you in advance for your generous donation and I can’t wait to help make a difference and spread the word of the inspiring and life changing work of Mission Australia.

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Suzanne Prendergast



I am very proud of you Suzi


Suzanne Prendergast




Suzanne Prendergast


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