Sam Royce

Sleepout 2019

It’s time to do something about homelessness in Australia

This Friday, Jarrod and I are going to be sleeping out to raise money for Mission Australia.

We are both so grateful to have a roof over our head to protect us from the elements, a comfy bed to sleep in and the safety of a front door to lock. We know how lucky we have been with our careers, opportunities and family support.

Unfortunately not everyone is this lucky. On any given night more than 116,000 Australians - including over 44,000 children and young people - don't have a safe place to call home. This statistic has risen almost 14% in the past 5 years, and in a wealthy nation like ours this is unacceptable. It’s time that we give back. 

All it can take is losing your job, suffering from mental illness or a health issue,  escaping a domestic violence relationship or financial hardship and homelessness could effect you. We all have the power to do something about it. 

We are raising money for the homeless by doing our own Sleepout to support Mission Australia and we’d love your help. Your donation will help support those at risk or experiencing homelessness. Thank you in advance for your support!

To follow our Sleepout, follow @jarrodwoodgate and @samroyceee on Instagram to see some pics and live videos!  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Koster Family

Great job Sam and Jarrod!


Michelle Cantwell

Gotta get you to that goal :)


Mandy Besanko-hoppen


Alice And Maxi

Good on you. Stay warm xx


Bevan Moroney

I hope it doesn't rain!



I hope it’s wet and cold so you earn your money.


Helen Wositzky


Scott Morris

Good work Royce!



Great work Sam! You're a champion :-)


Janice Herzig

You are a champ Sam to participate in this charity.


Christopher Fagg

Always happy to support you in these causes Sam :) The statistics and trends of homelessness in Australia are too depressing, and it's great they have a great advocate and supporter like yourself. Hope it's not too cold!


Kate Tarrant

You are such a legend Sam!!





Hope its warm Sam.



Go on you Sam for caring and making a commitment


Andie Butler


Toby Royce


Nicole Maskell


Michelle Cantwell





Keep up the good work Roycie.