Rail Team Sydney

NRC Rail Relay Marathon

This is for us running a relay marathon in Sydney and we will be an Australian team against UK runners running 9 hours later at the same clock time ! Great cause .

Thank you to our Sponsors


Acmena Group

Acmena is very proud to support the efforts of Dan & Jan!


Mark Pettigrew

Good Luck Everyone!! Hope we have great weather!!


Peter & Tracy Asmussen

Good luck, for Jan!


Christine Newman

Thank you. No one should be homeless in this country.


Mark Norman

Go you healthy thewed young folk!


Vicki Jeffreys

How did you talk me in to this Paul? ;) Great initiative for a great cause.


Samantha Harhagelis

Good Luck Darren! I’ll be waiting for you at the finish line x


Ross Pettigrew

Smash it team.


Jon K


Adam Doherty

Well done Paul to you and all the team members running for this good cause. I will cheer from the sidelines!


Tom Harrison

The guilt I feel for not running only partially outweighs the satisfaction I’ll get from seeing Mr Sutherland in his running gear. All the best to everyone. A great and worthy cause too!


Ben Calder

Enjoy yourselves out there team.


Jon Cheesmond

Great job team!!


Jeremy Carder

Good effort all of you, well done!


Steven Ivey

Good Luck to all


Daniel Simmons

I'll make sure I measure out the route!!


Michael Groves

Good luck all!


Lynn Davies

For Dan (& Jan??) Good luck guys


Paul Sutherland


Darren Choytooa


A. Dawes

Good luck Daz


Peter Holmes

Go Teona! Great cause and next time drag your boss along as he's looking very fit these days!


Neil Hobden

Good luck to the team :-)


Michelle Choytooa


Margaret Choytooa

Good luck Darren 😊


Victor Badenko

Go get em Paul!





$20 for Dan (Jan, you can claim $10 out of these if you run :p)


Bruce Lambert

Good luck Darren!


Richard Adams


Snake Pig

Good luck daz


John Kelsey

Good luck on run Daz All Leeds aren't we.MOT


Jan Asmussen

$10 for Dan. Although now I'm a reserve, so it's for me too!


Hedda Asmussen

Good luck Jan!


Angus Mclaren

Great cause! Good luck Paul!



Darren choytooa,hope our knee holds out x


Charlie Coggans

Stay strong Daz and remember “the best view comes after the hardest climb”