Sam Kelly-knowles & Jim Bridger

Erging for the homeless

Jim Bridger and Sam Kelly-knowles are undergoing an erg for the ages. 100km shared ergo to raise funds and awareness for the homeless population of Australia. We have a $2000 goal but let’s smash it and help those in desperate need of it! 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Milton Markets Appeal

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who supported Sam and Jim yesterday! The people who donated and the friends and family who cheered them on! What an awesome day!


Max Hitchins

Hope you take the crocodile with you Jim!


Alysia Bridger

Well done boys - proud of you both


Michael Hawke

Wow great effort Jim and Sam and for a good cause.


Mia Callanan

Go for it boys, you will be amazing! Such a great cause. Lots of love Ben, Mia Jack, Luke & Olivia x


Sharon Kelly-knowles


Emma Barry


Mark Hayes

Great initiative Sam . Well done


Tom Clarke

Great cause Sam!


Sallee Hitchins

Great work boys xx


Belinda Butters

Good luck Sam - a worthy cause indeed.


Linda Janz

Thank you so much for what you are doing Sam. Fabulous effort. Hoping you reach your goal.



Good effort guys


Jenny Callaghan

Great work Jim and Sam!


Leah Clayton


Billie Bridger

Well done Bro so proud of you Jim . x Great work boys


Jess Bridger

Jim you are legend for doing this to help others - Good luck boys.


Alan Kirk

Jim and Sam this is a great initiative and shows others that we all could make a difference with a little effort. Also great to see Nudgee And BBC coming together for this great cause. Keep an eye on those splits, its only 50 Head of The River races.


Nicole Jones

Well done boys. Great support for a wonderful cause. Xxxx


The Bull Family

Go Jim! I feel sick at the thought of doing 100km on an ergo! What an effort and a great cause.


Alex Horder

Good on you Jim Bridger!!! X


The Gormans

Great idea Jim and Sam!


Jane Nimmo

Hi Sam, All the best with the big rowing mission today with your mate. I recently got a rower and I'm knackered after 500 metres so kudos to you for your determination and stamina. Cheers, Jane Nimmo


Dorothy Hawkins

Great effort boys


Cameron Andrew

Excellent idea Sam. So happy to support!


Kirani Heeremans

Fantastic effort boys.


Jody Austin

Well done boys - fantastic cause. So many people without a safe place to sleep tonight.


Liz Plazibat

Great effort Sam. Well done!


Meagan Porter

So proud of you both!


Anne Dixon

A tremendous effort to help such a worthy cause.


Sharron Pratt

Well done on both of your initiatives


Nicola Seaton

Good one Sam, go hard!


Cameron Family

Congratulations boys on a huge effort!!! Very proud of you for ‘standing up’ and making a difference πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ




Jim’s Gathering Appeal

Well done, great cause


B J &m Worthington

We'll be cheering you on boys!!


Ben Blyton

Well done Sam (from Jacobs dad)


Tania Bonner

Such a worthy cause boys, well done !




Tayla Ainsworth


Jen Perso

Good luck Sam. You are amazing! 😁


Xander Winton Nc

Great job boys! Good luck with the event, 100kms is a huge effort!!


William Clarke

Good on you Jim. Goodluck.


Angel Clarke

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens Well Done Jim and Sam and Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Tara Shipperley

Well done boys!


Sheryl Whimp

Well done boys!


Connor Mcstea

Dear Sam. This is great. Best of luck


Sally Baumann

Awesome work Sam. A great effort to support a worthy cause. Fuel like a demon!


Ilana Mushin


Laura Chancellor


Luke & Mellita Bourne

Great achievement on Saturday Congrats on the 100klms. And for a great cause


Angus Watson

Good work boys


Zoe Ferguson

Good on you guys :) soz i am broke so only $15


Megan Gardner

I am kinda lacking in funds atm, but onya, it’s something worth fighting for<3


Lillian Geffen

I’m broke but will support anything that fights homelessness and is simultaneously good for the glutes πŸ’Ÿ