The Annual

Christmas Lunch

in the Park

25 December

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Join in the support of over 1200 of Perth’s most vulnerable and those experiencing homelessness, raising funds to help us stage Christmas Lunch in the Park, on Christmas Day.

Get creative and host a fundraising activity calling on your community to help support those experiencing hardship and who may otherwise go hungry or be alone.

How you can help

Every dollar raised is a step towards preventing one more person going hungry on Christmas Day; contributes to the provision of a Carepack of food/personal care items and access to haircuts, showers and community services on the day.

You’ll be directly supporting Perth’s most disadvantaged families and individuals, helping to provide them a welcoming and safe place to come together to share in some joy and forget about their challenges on 25 December.

Fundraising Event Ideas

There are many activities where you can charge an entry fee or ask for donations in return;
here are some popular suggestions:

  • Host a BBQ or Movie Night
  • Get sponsored for walking or running a certain distance
  • Decorate your house with Christmas Lights
  • Host a morning tea
  • Sell chocolates in your workplace or community group
  • Host a Quiz Night
  • Wash cars in your neighbourhood
  • Host a Karaoke Night
  • Have a fancy dress day at school or work
  • Host an X-Box Tournament or a Read-a-Thon

Christmas Lunch in the Park Gallery


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