Tim Sullivan

Sleepout 2018

Our team wants to pitch in on the plight of homelessness

Experts say 17,845 children under 12 years will be homeless tonight out of over 105,000 homeless people across Australia. Most of these individuals are dealing with one or more heavy issues such as domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse and other.  

It really irks me that this lack of a "fair go" exists for so many in Australia. So for a 10th consecutive year I will be pitching in with a winter Sleepout.

Mission Australia raises great public awareness at the front-end and then really follows through with well targeted actions to use the money raised where it is most needed. 

Please support our Team's efforts of sleeping out on 31st July by making a secure online donation and by posting a message of support. Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to our charity of choice - Mission Australia. 

Thanks so much for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tim Sullivan