Safa Chowdhury

Short legs, long distance

Short legs, long distance

At Nielsen, we organize one day every year where we give back to the community: our Nielsen Global Impact Day. This year, we are raising money for Mission Australia to help those who are homeless and those who are suffering from domestic violence among other noble causes. 
In order to raise funds, my team is walking 20km and I would love your help to raise money to help those in need of our support. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michael Shanahan

Lets go Safa! You've got the littlest legs so you'll be working the hardest!


Anjela Del Rizzo



Muneem Anwar


Anwarul Hoque


Nushin Alam

All the best ! <3


Samia Razzaque

Go safa ❤️


Wendy Cosgrave

Go little legs. From all your old workies xx


Anika Razzaque Ahmed

All the best for the walk! You’ll be great!


Rahmee Chowdhury



Shafiqul Chowdhury

always get support for charitable work. keep doing.


Ferdous Huq



Elle Chen

Go SAF!!!!!!! :D


Safa Chowdhury


Susie Chen

Woohoo go Saff! Short legs all the way!


Faheem Anwar

GO SAF!!!!