Melissa Von hollstein

Sleepout 2018

I'm learning to appreciate the comforts many of us take for granted

Homelessness isn't just sleepless nights in the cold on the floor, it's begging for basic necessities, days on end without food, water and support. It's a rapidly rising epidemic that affects 105,000 people across the country every single day and night.

Solving homelessness isn’t just about providing shelter, its providing a second chance to those that need it, Australians desperately need our support! yet we still sit here expressing our sorry's but never really taking action and it's time to take a step and be the change, be the voice for people who's opinions go unheard of.

This year I'm raising money for the homeless by doing my own Sleepout to support Mission Australia and I'd love your help. $22 can buy a set of sheets so a child can be tucked snugly into bed and $299 can fit out a whole bedroom with basics to feel safe and secure.

Thank you!