Christian Krause

Sleepout 2018

I'm learning to appreciate the comforts many of us take for granted

Homelessness isn’t just old men sleeping rough in parks, it affects 105,000 people across the country every single night. Solving homelessness isn’t just about building more homes either. Australians desperately need our support. And so this year I'm raising money for the homeless by doing my own Sleepout to support Mission Australia and I'd love your help. $22 can buy a set of sheets so a child can be tucked snugly into bed and $299 can fit out a whole bedroom with basics to feel safe and secure. Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tim Krause


Sandra Suchting

A very worthy cause, well done Christian for supporting those disadvantaged in your community.


Jon Krause

Well done Christian. A very worthwhile cause you are highlighting and fundraising for.



Well done Christian to a very worthy cause.


Janet Krause

Congratulations Christian. Good work.



Good one Christian




Sonya Whiteside

Brilliant work Christian 👍


Kym Horsey


Corinne Spowart

Well Done Buddy!!!


Edan Wikson

Good luck and good on you for caring


Laurell Heckenberg

wel done Christian we are very happy to help what a great cause xx


Paul Krause

Good work


David Krause

Good work!


Michelle Moody-stone

Good on you Christian


Celia Rowe


M & K Tierney

Enjoy your night roughing it. Commend you on supporting those doing it tough.


Marion Conrow

What your doing is great special and needed good on you !


Larissa Cross

Well done Christian. If you can’t sleep, just walk to my place! LOL


Ryan Kelley

Good stuff