Centenary State High School

Sleepout 2019

We are learning to appreciate the comforts many of us take for granted

On any given night more than 116,000 Australians - including over 44,000 children and young people - don't have a safe place to call home. This statistic has risen almost 14% in the past 5 years, and in a wealthy nation like ours this is unacceptable.

And so this year we are raising money for the homeless by doing my own Sleepout to support Mission Australia and I'd love your help. $22 can buy a set of sheets so a child can be tucked snugly into bed and $299 can fit out a whole bedroom with basics to feel safe and secure.  Your donation will help support those at risk or experiencing homelessness. Thank you in advance for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Roslyn Gavin

Fantastic idea for a fundraiser, well done


Judith Gillingham


Alice Luong


Anthony Towner


Michelle Richardson

Congratulations! Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Your efforts will raise awareness and help break the cycle of homelessness.


John & Alicia Mcgahan


Jayne Hacker

Well done year 12 - enjoy your sleepover!!


Natalie Dawson

Great job kids - The Dawsons


Fay Linley

Keep safe


Callum Family

Sleep well


Mcgahan Family

Well Done Year 12!


Kara James

Way to go kids! A wonderful way to raise money and awareness of homelessness at the same time!


Angelina Sharry

Such a great cause. Well done.


Laura Armistead


The Collins


Jim & Kathleen O'connell

Enjoy your sleepout


Iris And Brad Pears


Bella Pears


Sienna Pears


Rogers Family


Amanda Pears

Enjoy the sleepout and good luck with the fundraiser?