Who we are

Mission Australia is a national Christian charity motivated by a shared vision of an Australia where everyone has a safe home and can thrive.

Since 1859, we’ve been standing alongside people in need across Australia, offering real hope that has lasting impact.

Backed by our supporters, churches, partners and funders, we work together for the long-term wellbeing of anyone who needs us, reflecting our values of respect, compassion, integrity, perseverance and celebration.

We collaborate with the people we help to tackle the root causes of their challenges through providing access to safe, affordable homes and innovative, evidence-based support services.

Every day we deliver homelessness crisis and prevention services, provide social and affordable housing, assist struggling families and children, address mental health issues, fight substance dependencies, support people with disability and much more.

Mission Australia believes a person’s circumstances shouldn’t define their future and that given the right support, everyone can reach their full potential.

That’s why we stand together with Australians in need, until they can stand for themselves.

Our goal

End homelessness and ensure people and communities in need can thrive.

Our purpose

Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God.

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Our 20-25 Strategy

Four strategic focus areas will drive progress towards our goal of ending homelessness and ensuring people and communities in need can thrive:

Helping end homelessness in Australia 
We're focused on helping end homelessness in Australia by increasing the impact of our services and advocating alongside our sector partners.

Partnering to strengthen communities
We believe postcodes should never limit futures so we're partnering to strengthen communities through tailored approaches for long-term positive change.

Supporting people in need to thrive
We're passionate about helping people in need to thrive by providing and advocating for early intervention services that increase their wellbeing.

Driving excellence
We're driving excellence by constantly improving quality across everything we do, sharing expertise with others and multiplying our impact.

Our values

Our core values underpin all that we do. They are:

Compassion - We are sensitive, understanding and caring in our service of all people.

Integrity - We are honest, accountable and transparent in our work and relationships.

Respect - We treat people as we ourselves expect to be treated, offering love, acceptance and a voice of support in the face of life’s challenges.

Perseverance - We are dedicated to serving people and helping them overcome the challenges they face, no matter how hard it is.

Celebration - We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the people we help, volunteers, supporters and staff.

Our services

Homelessness &
social housing support

We believe everyone should have access to safe, secure housing. Your support helps people experiencing or at risk of homelessness find and remain in stable accommodation, providing essential privacy and dignity. We give ongoing assistance to help people maintain housing long-term.

Families & children

All children deserve a happy, healthy start to life, and all mums and dads need support to be the best parents they can be. Your support helps families overcome complex challenges to ensure that children can blossom and parents feel connected to a caring community.


The journey from childhood to adulthood is full of change, uncertainty and challenges. With the right support, we believe every young Australian can reach their full potential. Your support helps provide practical things, as well as the love and care needed to thrive.

Alcohol, drugs &
other dependencies

Addictions and dependencies are very difficult to break without the right assistance. Your support allows us to work holistically with people to understand the reasons behind their struggles, help them through tough times, and plan the path forward for healthier lives.

Mental health

Mental illness and disability affect millions of Australians every year. We believe neither should prevent a person from being an active member of their community or enjoying satisfying work and independence. Your support helps these people realise their potential and chase their dreams.

Employment, skills
& training

We help Australians of all ages who experience barriers to employment to gain the skills and confidence to find and keep a job. Your support can change the life of a jobseeker, improving their financial situation, social life and sense of self-worth.

Kayla’s story

When her partner became drug-addicted and violent, pregnant mother Kayla* and her little girl Mia were forced to run away. But with no family to turn to, they quickly ran out of friends to stay with. A cold, dark, dirty garage became their only option.

Fortunately, a conversation with Mission Australia proved a lifeline for Kayla and Mia. We found them crisis accommodation, organised food packages, and coordinated appointments with health specialists. We also talked with Mia’s school, contacted Centrelink for financial support, and helped Kayla apply for priority housing. All this brought stability into their lives for the first time in years.

Within weeks, Kayla was granted a small home with room for Mia and her baby when she arrived. All three are still safely and securely housed, and enormously grateful for the help they’ve received.

*All client names and images have been changed to protect the identities of the people Mission Australia helps

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