Homelessness is a growing problem in Australia.

Become a Community Champion and help make a difference! 

For more than 30 years, compassionate people like you have been taking part in our Sleepouts to raise awareness and desperately needed funds to help Australians experiencing homelessness. 

What started with just a few staff sleeping out in the Sydney CBD quickly spread across the country, as more and more people joined the fight to end homelessness.

This year we’re calling on you once again to join us, because it’s unacceptable that more than 116,000 Australians don’t have a place to call home on any given night.

Homelessness affects people of all ages, and we need people of all ages to work together to end it. That’s why the Mission Australia Sleepout is for everyone – it’s the people’s Sleepout!

When does the Sleepout happen? Whenever you want it to! Homelessness is a problem all year round – summer, autumn, winter, spring – and it’s never too early or too late to play your part in ending it.

Whether your Sleepout is under the stars, in your school or church hall, or on your living room floor, you’ll be making a real and vital difference in the lives of Australians in need.

Thank you for becoming a Community Champion and supporting vulnerable Australian children, young people, adults and families through the Mission Australia Sleepout!

How your dollars will help? 

can purchase a set of bed sheets to give   a child a comfortable place to sleep

can purchase a desk, chair and  reading lamp to help a child study

can house a young person for a month at one of our crisis centres

can house a family of four for a  month at  one of our crisis centres

Ideas for your Sleepout

Did we mention how much fun fundraising can be? Here's a few ways it can look:


This is a minimal effort, high impact way to participate. It could be as easy as collecting a gold coin donation  


This could be having a pyjama day, movie night, bake sale or anything else low key  


This is the traditional Sleepout where you go all out and host an overnight Sleepout in your backyard or somewhere that isnt your usual sleeping place.

You can ask friends and family to sponsor you and help raise funds and awareness for Mission Australia

How to get involved

  Register your event and select a date to host your fundraiser 

  Create your personal account and fundraising page to recruit your team

  Invite your friends, family and colleagues to participate in your event with you

 Share your fundraising page and start raising funds for Mission Australia  

  Have lots of fun at your event! Be sure to take lots of photos and share them with us using #sleepout2019 #missionaustralia

Need inspiration?

For schools, hosting a Sleepout can be a fantastic social responsibility opportunity, while also educating students about homelessness and inspiring them to become a voice for positive change in our society. It can also be a tremendous community builder and a lot of fun, as the students, parents and teachers from Kegworth Public School in Sydney discovered.

More than 100 students and parents slept overnight at the school, but not before participating in a talent quest, watching a film, and running a soup kitchen for dinner. Despite initially setting a fundraising target of $1,000, the school raised an incredible $8,300. The money they raised has gone on to provide vital support to children and families across the country who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

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Can't get involved but still want to help?

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